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Rational Land Use

Planning is the key to orderly and rational land development in any local government unit, i.e. a city or municipality. A Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) prescribes the developmental pace, directions and strategies for the optimum use of land resources in a community as well as its role in provincial, regional and national development. The CLUP is enacted into a zoning ordinance for purposes of enforcement.

Development Role

HLURB has the twin roles of enhancing and reinforcing rational housing and real estate service delivery via a triad of strategies namely; policy, planning and regulation. Such rules are enunciated and defined in Presidential Decrees (PD), Letters of Instruction (LOI), Republic Acts (RA), Executive Orders (EO), Office of the President Memorandum Circulars (OP-MC) and Batas Pambansa (BP).

The HLURB pursues activities to attain rational land use as specified in a number of directives.

  • Extend planning assistance to Local Government Units (LGUs) (LOI No. 729, EO No. 648);

  • Review and ratify land use plans of Metro Manila cities and municipalities, provinces, highly urbanized cities and independent component cities (EO No. 72);

  • Enforce zoning regulations (EO No. 648);


  • Investigate and adjudicate complaints (EO No. 648);
  • Assist local government units assume devolved functions via training and consultation;
  • Coordinate land reclassification clearance system (MC No. 54);
  • Update and revise rules, guidelines and standards on land use (EO No. 648); and 

  • Update and revise National Urban Development and Housing Framework (RA No. 7279).


On Real Estate and Housing Regulations

The HLURB functions are specified in various directives:

  • Enforce laws, rules, standards and guidelines through:
    • Approval of condominium plans (PD No. 957);
    • Subdivision Plans: HLURB's foremost function is to protect buyers of housing units and home lots, and condominium units against unscrupulous practices in the industry; and 
    • Issuance of License to Sell (PD No. 957).


  • Assist LGUs perform the devolved function of processing and approving the subdivision plans via training and consultation (EO No. 71)
    • Issue sales and mortgage clearances for the protection of rights of tenants in the urban and land reform zones and areas for priority development (PD No. 1517)
    • Update and revise rules guidelines and standards on housing and real estate for:

- Residential subdivisions and condominiums (PD No. 957)

- Economic and socialized housing projects (BP Blg. 220)

  • Approve expansion of a condominium corporation or integration of a condominium project with another project upon the affirmative vote of a simple majority of registered owners (RA No. 7899)

- Assurance of completion of projects (PD No. 957)

- Investigation and adjudication of complaints (PD No. 957)

- Assurance of compliance to balanced housing development requirement (Sec 18, R.A. 7279)

- Balanced housing development (RA No. 7279)

- Other types of subdivision and condominium projects (EO No. 648 and related laws)

  • Operate as the lead agency for the HUDCC for the Socialized Housing One-stop Processing Centers (SHOPCs) and issuance of permits, clearances, certifications and licenses for the implementation of socialized housing projects (EO No. 184)
  • Approve any amendment to or revocation of the enabling or master deed of a condominium project already decided upon by a simple majority of all registered owners (RA No. 7899)
  • Approve expansion of a condominium corporation or integration of a condominium project with another project upon the affirmative vote of a simple majority of registered owners (RA No. 7899)

 Quasi Judicial Functions

Quasi-Judicial Functions Designated Housing and Land Use Arbiters (HLAs) at the Central Office, in each of the Regional Field Offices and for special assignments, hear and decide on complaints against violation of pertinent legislation's and HLURB rules and regulations. The HLURB Rules of Procedures for adjudication of cases provides for just speedy and inexpensive proceedings, amicable settlements, summary resolution and other legal tools.

The aggrieved party in a resolved case may file a petition for review or appeal the decision of the HLA to the Board of Commissioners. The decision of the Board is appealable to the Office of the President which decisions shall be final subject only to review by the Supreme Court.


HOA Functions of HLURB

In January 2000, Republic Act No. 8763 transferred to this Board the functions of the Home Guaranty Corporation with respect to Homeowners Associations. 

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Devolved Functions

Pursuant to the prescription of RA No. 7160 (local Government Code of 1991) and as detailed under EO No. 71 and EO No. 72, certain HLURB functions were devolved to the LGU's:

  • The Sangguniang Bayan or Sanguniang Panglungsod shall, subject to national law, process and approve subdivision plans for residential, commercial, industrial or other development purpose.
  • The Sangguniang Panlalawigan shall review and approve the comprehensive land use plans of component cities and municipalities.
  • Cities and municipalities with CLUPs reviewed and approved in accordance with EO 72 shall issue locational clearance to locally significant projects.




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