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HOA Requirements for Registration

  • Articles of Incorporation - signed by all 5 to 15 incorporators on every page.
  • By-Laws - signed by all 5 to 15 incorporators on every page if filed with the articles of incorporation or signed by the majority of the members of the association and duly certified by the majority of the directors and countersigned by the secretary, if filed within one (1) month after the issuance of the certificate of incorporation.
  • Notarized Written Undertaking by the Incorporators – to change the corporate name in the event that another person, firm or entity has acquired a prior right to the use of said name or one similar to it; and to comply with all the rules and regulations of the HLURB.
  • Notarized Information Sheet – contains the name of the association, principal office address, list of board of directors and trustees and their addresses, list of officers and their positions.
  • Notarized List of the Members of the Association – a complete list of the members of the association.
  • Notarized Certification – as to the existence or absence of a HOA in the subdivision, territorial jurisdiction of the HOA, name and address of the nearest existing HOA.
  • Notarized Authorization – written authority of the incorporators for the representative of the association to transact or follow up the application with HLURB.
  • Approved Subdivision Plan – (for regular subdivisions)

Additional Requirements For Self-Help Housing Projects or Projects Undertaken Under the Group Land Acquisition and Development (GLAD), Community Mortgage Program (CMP), or other similar land tenural assistance programs
  • Location and Vicinity Map of the Project – whether on-site or off-site, duly signed and certified by a geodetic engineer or surveyor.
  • Notarized List of Officers and Members - stating the nature of their occupancy, whether as owner or tenant.
  • Transfer Certificate of Title – certified true copy of the TCT from the Register of Deeds, issued not later than thirty (30) days before the date of application.
  • Letter of Intent to Sell, Contract to Sell, or Deed of Absolute Sale, or Memorandum of Agreement – duplicate original notarized copies.

Such other documentary requirements as may be imposed by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
All Documents are Submitted in Three (3) Typewritten Copies